We are a group of professionals from different backgrounds: linguists, native English teachers, education specialists, doctors, military and tourism experts.

Together we have developed this project from our joint experience as teachers specialising in learning techniques. Additionally, our expertise in tourism allows us to offer you the best accommodation available in whichever category you wish.

Carmen Gallego

 A Doctor by profession, Carmen worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry. She has extensive experience as an English student herself and has attended many total immersion courses in England and Spain. Carmen has worked for the last eight years in the rural tourism industry and has her own travel company. She firmly believes that English in today’s business world is not an option but an absolute necessity and that having English on your CV is a must for most companies when sifting for likely candidates. With this in mind Carmen has joined with Ana and Ron to create the English valley in a unique rural setting in Andalucia, where speaking English is our main objective, rather than the in-depth study of the language.

Ron Potter

 Ron has been involved in linguistics for most of his adult life, firstly as a student and latterly as a teacher. He specialises in one-to-one teaching and in Technical English. Ron has taught in England and in various schools in Spain and at the British Council in Madrid. Ron’s philosophy is total adaptation to the student’s needs and emphasis on fluency and confidence. He says that he is not teaching students to be English teachers, but is there to help them to communicate effectively in English in whatever situation they find themselves, be it in a social or a professional capacity.

Ana Rojas

 Linguist and teacher. Studied in the University of Vienna and has a masters in Speech Therapy.

Ana has been teaching languages for more than 20 years. Her philosophy is the total involvement of the student and teacher in their lessons and her need to adapt to each and every student’s needs. Ana says, "This is what I demand of my teachers. I try to apply linguistics more as language training than as a class. The teacher is simply an assistant in helping the students brain absorb and process language. Errors are a part of this process which will allow us to reach a point where we can enjoy and talk in ENGLISH WITHOUT COMPLEXES!"