Personalised programme 1to1

 Worried about going to a conference? Worried about giving a presentation and understanding the questions that follow it?
Do you get stressed when speaking in public? Are you scared of going to an international conference because you don’t speak English?
If you want to gain confidence in your English in an intensive and efficient manner, or if you want to feel secure in work meetings and give your best presentations in English, then this is the course for you. Learn the vocubulary you need for your particular profession.
Do you want international clients? Do you want to be able to understand them when they talk to you?
Linguistic ability will help your business grow, raise your business level and help you expand into international markets.

  • Business English
  • Medical English
  • Engineering English
  • English for Tourism and Gastronomy.
  • And any other specific English that you may need.

Contact us, we would love to help you achieve your aims.