Group programme

We adapt to your needs and have programmes of different lengths to enable you to choose that which serves you best.

Programa en Grupo

    • 7 day programmes
    • 5 day programmes
    • Weekend programmes
    •  or periods of your choice.

All groups are of 4-6 students, all with a similar level of English.

We have three levels:


Introduction to grammar and the spoken language!
Practice the most simple structures of the language, begin to communicate at a basic level!
Learn how to survive in another language!


Revise grammar and use the spoken language to practice:  meetings, presentations, interviews and telephone conversations!


Reaffirm and consolidate your knowledge of English:  meetings, live presentations and video-conferencing!
Carry out professional interviews and telephone conversations to a higher level!


Each day of the programme is divided into three parts. In the morning we concentrate on linguistic content, at lunch we practice social English and the activities for the last part of the day are more leisurely, but at all times you will be focused on speaking English.

09:30 h Programme begins, presentations, handing out of materials...

11:30 h Coffee Break (accompanied by native English speakers).

14:00 h Lunch (accompanied by native English teachers).

15:30 h Free time: ¡Ideal for revising what you have learned!

16:00 h Activities (with native speakers).

19:00 h Programme ends.

Clases matinalesBreaksLunchActivities

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